so i’m going to make a sped up video of me making a book of shadows. and then i’m going to put it on youtube. for your viewing pleasure. also


If I made an etsy shop where i made custom Books of shadows, either hard or post bound would you be a customer, why or why not? 

hey this is from my other blog but if goes to you guys too, send me your thoughts. :)


My 2012 Lammas altar.

I’m visiting my parents for a couple of days so I wasn’t able to bring all of my usual altar pieces. 

My sister is the artist for the picture hanging above it, she did a great job with the pastels.

The flowers were from my mom’s garden.

The God representation is actually an empty bottle of Lemoncello that my sister brought back from Italy - I use it in a lot of my altars because it’s just such a cheerful sun and it reminds me of all the fun my sister and I have had together.

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awe I missed you too :). I loves you guys 

I Am NOT dead

but i had been on a hiatus from this particular blog. sooooo I is back with lots of pagan goodness. :)

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